World’s Smallest Digital Camera

The Mame-Cam is the world’s smallest digital camera, which is manufactured by the Japanese company “Thanko”. This miniature camera weights 11 grams only and has the dimensions of 1-1/8” Length by 1-1/16” Width. The 2.0 megapixels auto focus sensor which is found on Mame-Cam camera captures photos with the resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels and in the format of JPEG where as for the videos its with the resolution of 640 x 480 pixels or VGA 30 fps and in the format of AVI which are directly saved on a removable 2GB micro SD card which supports SDHC that is provided with the camera. It can also support other cards up to the capacity of 32 GB.


Photos and videos can be viewed on the computer by using the 2.0 micro USB cable which is provided with the device at purchase. The built in features that this miniature camera has are micro USB port, microphone, 140mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can be charged in an hour to provide around 30 minutes of functioning whether it’s recording a video or taking pictures.

The Mame-Cam camera operates easily with one button that is multifunctional. To turn on the camera you must hold on the first click till you see the blue LED light that remains still which indicates that its turned on in standby mode the next click would cause the light to flash which means a picture has been taken and if there is no activity made for a short period of time the camera will automatically shutdown. Where as for shooting a video you hold the for 2 seconds after the camera is turned on and on standby till you see the light flashing which indicates that its recording and if you would like to stop recording all you need to do is press the button one more time and its back on standby mode. To shut it down just hold the button till you no longer see the blue LED light on.

This miniature camera could be worn on the neck or wrist by the wrist lanyard that is provided or simply used as a keychain that is also provided with the camera at purchase. It would be a cool gadget for an emergency camera or handy camera for traveling, beach, camping and many other activities where you don’t see a use of your smart phone due to reception in the woods, roaming service or taking the risk of having it lost or damaged nor wanting to carry around your smart phones all the time with you, in that case it would be ideal. It could be used in many interesting ways also such as attaching by sticking it to your car bumper, motorcycle or motorcycle helmet, skateboard and many more in order to form an interesting footage and so on. You can simply be creative about how to use it simply because of its small size and lightweight.

The retail price for this miniature camera is around a $ 100. It can also be found under different names such as Chobi, Hammacher Schlemmer, Y3000, and Chinavasion, in various discounted prices.

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