Way To Strengthen Wireless Internet Signal

If you are having weakness with your wireless internet signal at some places at home or wherever you want to improve your wireless internet signal, the following way will strengthen the signal of your router or modem all you need is a soft drink can and follow the steps provided below in the following article:

1. Empty the soda can and rinse it with water till its clean.

2. Remove the handle of the soda can opener as seen on the picture below.


3. Cut the base or bottom of the soda can instructed on the picture below.


4. Cut the top part of the soda can leaving a small portion of it still connected to the body of the can as marked by the white dashes on the picture below.


5. Cut the soda can from the middle vertically as seen on the picture below.


6. Place adhesive tape or Blu-Tack on the top of the can to where the opening is and then insert the antenna of the modem or router through the opening of the can as seen on the picture below.


7. Enjoy the strong wireless internet signal which is now almost as twice as what it used to be and reach far beyond than ever before.


Hopefully this special method benefits internet surfers around the house and to improve the direction of the wireless internet signal, simply rotate the metallic reflector like a satellite dish to the direction you desire. Enjoy!