Learn about Dropbox

Dropbox logoHave you wondered how to share files with someone but couldn’t because the file was either too big or don’t know how? Well this simple application will help you plenty. Dropbox is an application that can easily share files with anyone. Not only can you share but every file as a revision. A revision is like a history of file. Let’s say for example that your friend and you are working on the same file. Because they are working with the same file that means that they have to overwrite the file every time. The beauty with Dropbox is that it has an history of every file uploaded to the application so you can always track back a previous file even those who’ve been deleted. But it doesn’t just do that you can do a lot more with it too, like synchronising your password or download automatically your torrents.

You can use Dropbox via their website or you can download the application. I strongly suggest that you download the application, like that you can store the files in you computer or devices even if you don’t have a connection.

Now you may wonder how much storage do you have? Well it has different options.

  • Basic (which is free)–> 2GB
  • Pro 50 ($9.99/month) – >50GB
  • Pro 100 ($19.99/month) -> 100GB
  • Teams (new) -> 1TB+
When you start with the Basic plan, which I recommend you, you can send invites and by doing so you get more space. “For every friend who joins and installs Dropbox, we’ll give you both 250 MB of bonus space (up to a limit of 8 GB)!” So if you guys want to start here’s my codeĀ http://db.tt/7tAnmUQ
If you guys like this post, just post some comment and I will try to put a new article about some nice tricks for using Dropbox.