Could This Technology Take Over Our Desktops?

Japan as usual presents amazing technologies and this time a unique one. Probably some of you might have seen this before or heard about it.

But for those who haven’t can you guess what it could be?

Take a look closely at them and guess what could they be?

They seem like pens with cameras or pen size cameras.

Any wild guess of what they could be? No clue yet?

Gentlemen! Guess what ?

You’ve just looked into the future! That’s right, the future!

Apparently this is a discovery that will replace your ‘Desktop’ in the near future.

Here is how it works, in the revolution of miniature computers, scientists have made great developments with bluetooth technology.

Which means that these pen like devices could possibly connect, share, transfer files, and run through bluetooth connection.

This is the forthcoming pen size computer which you can carry within your pockets due to its size.

This ‘Pen size device’ produces both the monitor as well as the keyboard on any flat surfaces from where you can carry out functions you would normally do on your desktop computer, where as you can see on the pictures that are displayed on the bottom.

Basically its a strict combination of a desktop procedure and could be of a laptop procedure due to the mobility of that device. Meaning it has to be on a desk like a desktop and its as mobile as a laptop and even more.

This idea could then evolve in a different way where it applies more as a laptop without needing to project the screen on a dark wall.

And that is simply by giving it a touch screen cell phone shape where you can visualize what you’re doing directly from the screen of this device.

Remarks about this device are many. It all comes to if this device can replace a complete desktop and in every aspect such as speed, memory, power, graphic and so on like everything you want a desktop to do or expect from a desktop to perform. From what could be seen from these pen size devices is that they can replace a desktop keyboard and a projector screen or simply a screen but yet these two devices still have a problem in common which is they both need flat surfaces in order to function like supposed to. Also another important feature is missing which is a USB hub, how can computer accessories such as webcams, joysticks, microphones, external hard drives, USB flash drive, cell phones and many more devices connect to these pen size devices if they replace a desktop. Another issue is how can softwares be downloaded on these pen size devices other than downloading them online. Softwares such as printers, wireless modems, technical softwares, games and many more plus is there room for all those softwares and will it perform without slowing down or crashing? Doubt that!

Technically  from a computer geek perspective these can’t run without a computer tower and if they do I would love to know how? As a conclusion logically these pen size devices can replace some desktop accessories and not a complete desktop.

Since we are in the era that could diminish or even vanish the desktops from our homes. If this technology ever becomes available in stores one day and they are capable of replacing a complete desktop like claimed, can anyone say ‘Goodbye To Desktops’?