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Here is the new blackberry z10 being introduced as the upgraded smartphone in the market with almost the perfection of today’s smartphone. the technology in this smartphone that qualifies it to be the upgraded smartphone are the way the features and apps work together with your way of anticipating  and completing your tasks rapidly and smoothly.



  • Stay in touch with your important ‘BLACKBERRY HUB’ file with a single swipe

BlackBerry HubThis feature is more like a shortcut to your important file where you keep everything that is important to you and this can be reached which a single swipe. That important file would be known as BlackBerry Hub and is accessed quickly and easily with a single swipe.

  • A smarter way to type using the BLACKBERRY KEYBOARD

BlackBerry KeyboardThe BlackBerry keyboard is not just a regular keyboard, it simply is a smart keyboard that helps you type faster and with least typing errors. The way the BlackBerry smart keyboard functions to avoid misspelling and type faster is simply by having a memory that remembers your style of writing and suggest words to ensure a faster typing. As for mistyping a letter in your word it will remember and adjust the word to your style of writing to ensure that you didn’t miss a letter.

  • Share and be seen with BBM VIDEO screen and share

BBM Video Screen ShareNow here is another new BBM feature where not only the BlackBerry gained a new design for its product but also gained an upgrade for its feature which is the BBM Video where BBM Chat is already a familiar service in BlackBerry. BBM Video is a simple face to face video conversation like having a webcam chat, but the bigger part of that is its not only limited with  a video chat but it also allows you to share the view of what you would like to show images, web browser, review a business document and others, all these can be done though the ‘Screen Share ‘ option that is available in the BBM Video feature.

  • Create the perfect shot every time with BLACKBERRY smart camera

Camera Time Shift ModeCreating the perfect picture with the new technology that is available in the blackberry 10 and where you would not need to repeat taking the picture over and over again. Here is what the blackberry 10 camera has to offer, its very simple pinpoint the faces or objects you need to capture by simply tapping on them as they appear on the screen once the faces has been detected then capture the shot when ready. After capturing the shot an adjustment element will appear on the screen which is the Time Shift mode feature which saves few milliseconds before and after the photo capture to adjust a blink or unwanted  smile in the photo and this can be done individually  on each of the  pinpointed face or object.




Now like any other smartphone the BlackBerry World provides to more of what people desire such as, apps, music, games, books and many more. The new BlackBerry World even displays recommendations to you inorder to find the latest things and keep you up to date with ease.

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