Soccer: Goal-line Technology

After so many rumors and some what frustrations either by the fans or the players, football might change his history by introducing the goal-line technology.

Apparently the Football Association could introduce goal-line technology for the start of the 2012-13 season if tests progress well. They are testing it with  ‘Goalminder’ which they describe their technology as this “Goalminder’s technology delivers actual visual images from high-speed cameras built into the fabric of the goal posts and cross-bar. Our patents (both actual and pending) along with our technology, provides a perfect solution delivering accurate, real-time decisions on any goal-line incident direct to the match officials.”

Yet, this is only a test for next season and only then we will know if it will change the history of soccer as we know it. We just have to wait and see.

Here’s a quick video of  “Goalminder” in action.