The Old Lady of Europe

So Marco Boriello is leaving Juventus to go back to Roma. What a waste of resources this was. I’m not just talking about what they paid for the loan, but think of the guys who sat on the bench so this guy could play. Those are the real wasted resources. We have real potential like Fabio Quagiarella leaving for new opportunities because he feels wasted on the bench! This summer Juventus will be saying goodbye to at least 3 strikers in the form of Alex Del Piero, Quagliarella and Boriello. I hope they have a real plan because Matri and Vucinic will be really tired by Christmas.

And… that plan better not be spending a fortune on Fernando (scored 2 goals in 2 years) Torres or bringing back that hog Vincenzo (i never pass) Iaquinta!

I always felt that Iaquinta was more destructive than Helpful at Juventus. He had a solid scoring spell but his inability to make a generous pass often cost his team multiple scoring chances. Acknowledging his teammates on the field of play could of made a huge difference in games where Juve struggled to score more than 1 goal. I always thought he cost us 2 – 3 scoring chances for every goal he scored. I certainly hope they do not bring this player back from his loan spell.

The bottom line is the Juventus administration has crucial weak points. Director General Giuseppe Marrotta has yet to abandon the mid table mentality he should of left at Sampdoria and has managed to fill the Juve roaster with mediocre talent which would be considered a good purchases by his previous employers. He begins every transfer season by stating clear targets, such as last season’s Aguero, only to deliver Boriello at Christmas.

While Antonio Conte may have proven his worth as a good coach by taking this team on their longest unbeaten run ever, his constant stubbornness prevents him from being a great coach. A team that has not yet been defeated with only 10 games left to play should be in first place, and Juventus is not. Largely in part to Conte’s unnecessary experimentation of last Septembers highly successful formation, add to that his self contradicting mantra of shuffling players, when he has in fact left multi-million euro talents like Krasic, Elia and Del Piero to rot on the bench. Somehow though, he is constantly placing his faith in players like “Leonardo (makes at least one crucial mistake a game) Bonucci, whom has even been dropped by Cesare Prandelli coach of the Italian national team.

All this to say, this long time Juventus fan is quite a bit frustrated with the current state of things. Most fans would say im crazy given that we just landed a spot in the Coppa Italia final and are 4 points away from Scudetto Leaders Milan. While i haven’t lost sight on the improvements already made from the poor results of the last few years, To those fans i say… Its easy to point out a problem when things are going badly, sometimes you need to work on making a good thing better”. That’s how you achieve greatness, and that’s in the Old Lady’s DNA.

Mr Marrotta… we should not be thinking of qualifying for champions league, we need to be thinking of winning it!

John Serino