End Of An Era

As you may know, Shaquille O’Neal (aka. Shaq, Diesel, Big Cactus, Superman) announced his retirement earlier this year.

Most people loved and respected the era of “SHAQ” in the NBA and will miss watching the game her brought to the court.

His retirement brings my attention that this may be the last time we ever witness such a low post dominant center for years to come. There might be a strong argument that Dwight Howard is also a dominant center, but in my opinion this is only true defensively. However, offensively he lacks the dominance that the Diesel brought to the game back in the day.

Currently, the NBA’s centers seem to be moving further away from the basket, which may come to an advantage for some teams to have, diversifying a team’s offensive plays. But I hope to see more big men develop their post up moves who can control a game’s pace, a team’s offense or even the NBA itself, the way Shaq did in his career. Shaq will be missed, mainly for his on court dominance and off court spirits.
He is now an NBA analyst for TNT, alongside Charles Barkley and co.
There will never be another Shaquille O’neal!