Could This Be The End Of Kobe Bryant’s Career?

Kobey Bryant Ruptured Achilles Tendon Injury

On Friday’s game April 13, 2013 The Los Angeles Lakers against The Golden State Warriors from Oakland, Kobe Bryant the star of the Los Angeles Lakers left the game with a leg injury which he claims he knows what the injury is before having a doctor take a look at it, and its a ruptured Achilles tendon.

Ruptured Achilles TendonThe Lakers star was devastated and disappointed about what happened and has mentioned that the move which led to his injury has been done a million times in the past through out his career and all of a sudden his Achilles tendon just pops! Frustrated Bryant was debating on how will his comeback to his career be just like it used to be and even to the better or wether this will be the end of it and it stops right here? Although not to forget that he has perviously mentioned that the next upcoming season could be his last. But as his thinkings came along Bryant positively announced that his injury is the beginning of a new career challenge.

The 34 year old Lakers star will pass an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) the next day to precisely figure the injury in order to start treatments. If the injury turns out to be what the star claims it to be a ruptured Achilles tendon, then the Lakers star Kobe Bryant won’t be visible playing on the basket ball court for a while because it would take up to a year for him to recover from such an injury. His absence from playing with the Los Angeles Lakers could affect the status of the team. Let’s hope his injury is nothing serious and its just a cramp that would require some physiotherapy treatment and get him back on track.

The Los Angeles Lakers have two games remaining after last night’s game with The Golden State Warriors which ended 118 – 116 for The Los Angeles Lakers leading them ahead of The Utah Jazz for the first place in the NBA’s Western Conference playoffs.

The two games left in the regular season for the Los Angeles Lakers will be against The San Antonio Spurs on Sunday and The Houston Rockets on Wednesday. Both games will be held at home and all the best for Kobe on recovering from his injury.

Full Highlights Of The Game (Lakers vs. Warriors):