Interview With Model Barbara Zatler

Barbara Zatler


Can you give us a quick summary on Who is Barbara Zatler for those who don’t know?

I am a Danish redneck that was born in Horsens Denmark, 1980. Back in 2002 I hunted down a career as a model and I am mostly known from Playboy, Esquire, GQ, Maxim and FHM where I have almost been published in every country where you can find FHM. I have also done some acting on the side of my modeling career and of movies which I can mention, Teddy Bear and Klovn The Movie. I’ve been voted as the most sexiest woman in the world by FHM and I won the title as most funny bunny of the year by Playboy radio USA. This was a short summary of who I am.

What made you join playboy and become a playmate?

Why I wanted to become a part of the Playboy world was because as a lingerie model Playboy was the biggest achievement! I always found the images in the magazine very sensual and tasteful than vulgar. So I had a goal to be in Playboy and I was lucky to reach that goal and I feel very blessed for that!

How was your experience working with playboy and how did you feel as being a playmate?

The crew was very professional and made me feel very comfortable even-though I had to take off my clothes. Not something I was used to in front of a camera, but they were kind and professional so I almost forgot that I was naked during the shoot. I was nervous of course because I wanted to live up to their expectations but I managed to get through the long shoot that took 16 hours. But I was very happy to become a part of the Playboy family and they surprised me with the cover, something that I had not seen coming!

Have you ever been to the playboy mansion and have you met Hugh Hefner?

Yes I’ve been to the mansion two times. Once for the halloween party where I also met Hugh Hefner, he is a kind man and he is always smiling. The other time was one of the regular parties that are often held at the mansion. But non the less some of the best parties I’ve been to.

But I was suppose to go for the superbowl event also where I was one of the hosts and I was on the posters. But I ended up in a car crash where I got me a big concussion so I had to lay in bed for several weeks. So no Playboy mansion for me that day.

Are you still a playmate? And what are you currently doing in life any plans for the future?

Do that ever stop? 😉 I have become an international Playmate since I was a Playmate for the first time in 2009, last time I was presented in Playboy was USA Playboy Dec 2012. Right now I’m working hard as a model, and have 18 interviews I have to tend to and a whole lot of photo shoots some of the clients are Esquire, GQ and Maxim so I’m sure to not get bored just yet. My future plans I really can’t say, because a lot can happen and change my plans for the future so I’d rather not plan too much ahead but take it one day at a time.

Do you have any plans of being more than a playmate and getting deeper into the adult industry?

No that I have no interest in what so ever. Thats not something I would ever do as I am a model and nothing more or less. I only made pictures for Playboy as I know how they make tasteful images and mine was very much like that.

Who is barbara zatler today and tomorrow?

I’m exactly the same, goofy kind a type 😉

What are your hobbies?

I love to read books about history or paint! But I truly find my peace of mind out deep in the forest where I often go for a walk with my two dogs. Besides that I spend time doing genealogy research to find ancestors. A bit of a nerd I know but that is one of my main hobbies.

What are the things you like and like to do in life?

I like to travel and see the world, meet many different people and cultures. This is really exciting and you learn a lot about how the world looks like! There is so much beauty that is just waiting for you to go see! I also like to spend much time in the nature, I am a real nature person. The best thing I know is to go deep in the forest and find a quiet spot in the sun and lay down in the grass and read a good book while the birds are singing and my dogs are playing! This is really life at its best!

What do you like in a man and what is a perfect man to you?

I don’t really look for anything, I think things comes natural if I should get attracted to anyone. I don’t believe in a dream man because then you will just end up looking for something that you will never find and maybe lose Mr. Right while looking for Mr. Non-Exist!

What do you think of and you being the first time on

I think you have a lot of good articles on there and I am very happy and honored to become a part of the Slickmen world. That I want to thank you for!

What would you like to say to all your fans out there?

I want to use this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say and I do hope you will join my social network facebook That would make me happy.

Anything else you would like to say to conclude this interview?

Once again thank you for having me and stay goofy! Oh and if you want to stay updated on whats going on join my facebook or you can check my web Cheers!