The Art Of Tires

It may not be that old car tires have any value for us so we immediately get rid of it, but the Korean artist Yong Ho Ji had a different opinion because he believes he can convert these tires into amazing piece of art. Imagine that detailed piece of art that you will be seeing is all made from old, used car tires.

Yong designs metal frames to the shapes the he would like to form his designs, after welding the metal pieces of the frame together he would fill up the gaps between the metal frame to form the first layer of the body the he would finish it by sticking all kinds of tire pieces on it to achieve realism.

A piece of art like this would take around three months to be completed. Yong started this hobby since his childhood by watching old tires that has no harmony with the nature of the environment the he grew up in, so it resembled great value in the relationship between the industry and the environment.

So when he finally got the opportunity to use these tires he was able to elaborate in his artistic skills to express his idea of the relationship between the industry and the environment.