Strawberry Christmas Tree Brownies

This is the perfect Christmas Dessert to have after your Christmas meal. Very impressive and delicious decorative dessert to have for Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Strawberry Christmas Tree Brownies

Serving Size: As many as you desire to have or serve.


  • Rounded brownies.
  • Strawberries.
  • Pipeable green cream cheese frosting.
  • Small ball shaped candies for decoration you can also use different kind of Skittles or the candy you desire if you wish to make it more colourful.
  • Star shaped sprinklers or yellow fondant cut in star shapes.
  • Edible glitter, silk dust, disco dust or starlight dust. (Choose one)


  1. Wash fresh strawberries.
  2. Take off the green leaves and the centre stem with the knife carefully to create a concave cone shape.
  3. Fill the concave cone shape and the top of the strawberry with the green frosting to create support on the brownies.
  4. Place the strawberry upside down on the brownie to create a coned shape.
  5. Then start applying the green frosting on the strawberry using a small star shaped tip.
  6. The process of applying the green frosting would be by simply making a dot on the strawberry and pull it out. This process must be done all around the strawberry.
  7. Then you place the small ball shaped candies or Skittles on the green frosting and the yellow star on top of the green frosting.
  8. Finally you sprinkle the edible glitter or your choice of glitter on the Christmas tree brownie.