Christmas Theme Snack

Christmas Theme Snack

This is a simple and fast Christmas Snack to have Before your Christmas meal. Very delicious decorative snack to have while chatting with family, friends and loved ones over a glass of wine while waiting for the meal to be ready.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!



  • Tortilla Chips Scoops Shape
  • Salsa Sauce or Diced Tomatoes
  • Small Green Peas
  • White Cheddar Seasoning or Grated Cheese (Your Choice)
  • Salt to add Sparkles if you decide not to use cheese


The preparation is very fast and simple:

1. Choose the good shaped non broken Tortilla Chips Scoops.
2. Add the Salsa sauce or Diced tomatoes that could be spiced up and seasoned the way you desire.
3. Place the Small Peas on top of the Salsa sause or Diced tomatoes.
4. Sprinkle the White Cheddar Seasoning or your favourite Grated Cheese on top of the Tortilla Chips Scoop once its completed.
5. You can sprinkle some Salt to add some sparkle effect if you decide not to have Cheese on top.