Understanding Women’s Body Language

Contrary to men, women are generally more complex and subtle, especially when it comes to a conversation. In a previous post, 5 Ways to Approach a Woman, I had mentioned something about reading a woman’s body language when you talk to her. Well, believe it or not, the body language can tell you a lot about your partner. It all seems so complicated but there are obvious signs to look for to make your life easier. Although every woman reacts differently, some signs remain universal. I have listed the main emotions she will want to communicate according to the physical, non-verbal signs she is pointing out.

This is the most obvious and entertaining sign to look for. When a woman is trying to flirt or get your attention, she smiles and laughs a lot more than usual. She might speak louder as well. She will often make eye contact. If she is a little more sexual in her flirting game, she might bite her lip or play with her hair. If she is shy, she will be clumsy and will blush easily.


If you are on a date or approaching a woman in a bar and she keeps looking elsewhere while you talk to her, this isn’t a good sign. Her arms might be crossed, paying more attention to her drink or her cell phone than you.


This is a tough one. Unless she is raging, she might be angry in a non-verbal and less obvious way. When this happens, you should look for the following signs; she will make very little eye contact with you, her arms might be crossed or her hands might be placed on her hips. She will be physically distant from you.