Sleep Positions: What It Says About Your Relationship

Some studies have showed that the position you sleep in with your partner can reveal a lot about your relationship. Check out the 10 following positions and see what it says about the relationship you have with your partner.

The Spoon
It is the most common way to sleep in the first three to five years of a relationship. This position provides both of you with maximum physical closeness and is a healthy start to a long term relationship.

The Honeymoon Hug
Although it is very hard to maintain this position throughout the night, it is a popular one for new couples. It means you are completely “in sync” with your partner and you both share a profound intimacy.

The Shingles
This symbolizes a strong commitment towards each other. Whoever’s head rests on the others shoulder is the more dependent and compliant partner.

The Sweetheart’s Cradle
It is known to be the “nurturing position”. It shows that the man is protecting her.

The Loosely Tethered
This position is mostly demonstrated by couples who have been together for a few years. In the beginning of the relationship, they will allow themselves to sacrifice their comfort to sleep closer to one another. After a few years, they allow themselves to have a little more space. The need of closeness is still balanced by touching your partner with your hand.

Leg hug
This is used by couples who enjoy less physical contact or that maybe feel distant from one another due to a fight/disagreement. It can also mean that they feel very secure within the relationship and don’t feel the need to be close, physically, with one another during the night.

The Pursuit
If a partner turns his/her back, it can either mean he or she wishes to have some distance or wants to be pursued.  If one party then pursues and pushes up against the other partner while sleeping, that’s called “Illegal Spooning”. But it is also possible that the partner who distances himself/herself may actually want to be pursued. His/her distancing becomes an invitation – “a dance of the spoons”.


Reference: Sleep Positions: What does it say about YOU & HIM?