Signs She Is Into You

Does she truly like you or has she categorized you in the friend zone? Sometimes, it is difficult to know whether a woman is into you or not. Because, well, let’s face it, us humans often tend to say something when we really mean the opposite (yes, we do that!). Here are certain signs to look for to know if you are wasting your time with a girl or if you should pursue it. These are universal signs of a woman who is truly interested in a guy, so if you notice a few of them in a girl you like, it is time to make a move and ask her out!

She gets touchy
When she is around you, she will often touch you while she is talking to you. Although she might just be a very warm and touchy person, most of the time, it means she likes you.

She sends you a Facebook friend request
If she is not interested in you, she won’t bother thinking about you in her spare time. When she sends you a request to be your virtual friend, she wants you to notice her, she wants you to look at her pictures and she definitely wants to “Facebook stalk” you!

She makes fun of you
In a light and sarcastic way, she will make fun of you and pick on you. Remember when you used to make fun of a girl back in elementary school? You didn’t know this back then, but you probably had a crush on the girl. Well it’s no different today.

She has a lot of things in common with you
She will list all the things you two have in common and try to find ways to see you more often. Don’t be surprised if, all of a sudden, she becomes this die-hard hockey fan and will propose to go watch the game with you.

Does she like you?