Places To Meet Women

Where can you meet women? How do you approach them? You need to target the places that you are most likely to meet a woman who has the same interests and hobbies as you. Here is a list of places where those women could be hiding

The gym
It shows that she is healthy and that she is body image conscious.

The library
An intellectual gal perhaps.

The dog park
It’s a great start when you are both animal lovers.

A learning class
Whether it’s a sport or a pottery class, the teacher always ends up teaming you up with a partner. It’s a given and a great way to break the ice. Once the class is over, you can always meet up for a coffee to review the homework. There are many to choose from:
– Acting
– Cooking
– Wine-tasting
– Dancing
– Language courses

If you happen to have free time on your hand and you wish to give back to a cause that is important to you, you are most likely to meet someone who has the same values as you while doing some good.

Ladies night
If you are going to meet a woman in a bar, target the right places. Check your local listings for the places that offers the “ladie’s night” specials. Lots of women, and by lots, I mean they all go with their girlfriends, enjoy those places. During the week, a lot of restaurants will offer that formula as well. The restaurant is a great option if you are not into the bar scene.

A gay bar
This last one is for the most adventurous and open minded ones. I have had many many comments on this suggestion, only negatives ones. Every girl (almost) has a gay friend that they enjoy going out with. If you ever happen to walk into a gay bar one day, I can guarantee you that you will meet many single, good looking ladies.