Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

Every woman you ask will tell you the same: they want a nice guy. Which brings me the following question: why do nice guys ALWAYS finish last?

The word on the street is, well, that a guy who is too nice is also coming off as insecure. He tends to put his needs and desires aside to please the other. He wants to be love. Often, too quickly.

– He is too available. He calls often, too often, without giving the other a chance to miss him.

– He is as nice and polite as he would be with his grandmother.

– Mr. Nice guy will often give all the authority to the lady.

– He is a pushover and  agrees to anything the lady says.

– Bottom line, he has a lack of confidence.

Here is the definition (a woman’s definition) of a nice guy:

– Confidence, confidence and confidence.

– Be a gentleman, respectful without loosing your touch of a leading man.

– Protect her.

– As much as you like chasing her, let her miss you and chase you.

– Contrary to popular beliefs, although bad boys may win the first place for a short-term relationship, they never last. There is a way to be a nice guy and win over a woman’s heart without being a total asshole.