How To Ask Her What You Want In Bed

Although some men wish it would be as simple as telling her “just do this”, it is a little more complex to express your needs and desires to your partner in the bedroom. Many men dream of having a girlfriend who could guess all of their fantasies and perform them with ease. The truth is that the key to a successful relationship is also the key to a successful sex life, communication. Although it might be hard to bluntly state what you would like to be done, there are certain ways to ask her what you would like her to do in the bedroom. Follow these guidelines and you will most likely have all of your dreams (and fantasies) come true!

Be gentle
Tell her about your fantasy without making it seem like you are criticizing her for not taking the initiative. Include her in the fantasy to make her feel loved and important.

Talk about fantasies
Instead of being too straight forward and asking her for it, come up with a more subtle way to bring it up. For instance, tell her you were thinking about her during the day doing X fantasy and how that thought aroused you. Flattering her ego by telling her she was on your mind all day will make her more comfortable to try out that scenario you had in mind.

Let her start
Have her share her fantasies first, have her open up to you about what she likes and then you can share yours. You can switch it up by focusing on hers one night then focusing on yours another night. Make it seem like and easy going game to ease the pressure.