Her Erogenous Zones

Although you might be familiar with the more obvious ones, you’d be surprised to know that there are more sensitive spots on her body than you think. Surprising her by spending some time on those areas will make you earn many points in the bedroom. Here are seven erogenous zones you should know about to arouse her.



Inner Thighs
This is a VERY sensitive area; you should lick it, stroke it and touch it. No biting!

Behind the Knees
This area, like the inner thighs, is full of nerves. Touching this area very gently with the tip of your fingers can drive a woman crazy, in a good way of course!

Nape of the Neck
This one is a favorite amongst ladies. Kissing or breathing heavily on her neck will do the trick. You could also give her a neck massage.

You can lick, kiss or gently bite them. You can also use them to whisper what you’ll do to her next.

Although some women might be ticklish, most of them enjoy a nice foot massage. Some women also enjoy having their toes sucked or licked. This last one is not for everyone though, it all depends on preferences and fetishes. Make sure you ask her first, and if you feel a little more adventurous, the end result will surprise you.

This is the number one erogenous zone. You can tease her by gently biting her lips, licking them or simply kissing them.


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