Cheap And Fun Dates Ideas

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a date to “wow” a girl. Here are some ideas for fun dates that won’t make you broke.

Go to the museum
It is a nice way to interact with someone while you discover new things. It is a great way to question one another and get an idea of her perception on different things.

Go for a cooking class
You will not only get a great meal out of it, but you will be able to observe how she interacts while being in the kitchen.

Go for a hike
Go a picnic after the hike and enjoy the nature in good company.

Photography adventure
Go for a walk across the city, bring your camera and take pictures for memories. Be creative and look for some sites that are rarely photographed.

Go to the park
In the summer, find fun activities and sports to do together outdoors while interacting with each other.

Go to a festival
There are some fun festivals throughout the year. You can visit your city’s website to know the schedule of the local festivals. It is different and entertaining.

Sport activity
If you are both into a specific sport, it is a good way to have a friendly competition between you and your date.

Go to a comedy show
Check your local comedy clubs to see the schedule. For some of the new talent nights, you only have to spend a few bucks to get in.

Have a cooking face off
List a bunch of ingredients and see who can come up with the best dish! This is both cute and fun.