5 Ways To Approach A Woman

Have you ever made eye contact with a girl on the metro or at the grocery store, but didn’t quite know how to approach her? Here are five ice breaking tips that will make you look charming and will show that you are confident enough to approach a stranger in a public place. Even if the woman is not single or simply not interested, she will still appreciate the flattering gesture.

The question
While you are on the metro or at the store, a great way to approach a woman is by asking her a question. Ask her for directions or the time. Her response and her body language will tell you if you can introduce yourself and continue on or walk away.

Use humor
To make a girl smile or laugh is a major bonus. Whether you’re in a bar or at the grocery store, start up a conversation with a joke. Remember guys, even if you are in the melons’ alley at the grocery store, keep the jokes classy!

Compliment her
Compliment her on something specific you have noticed. Make it unique; the way she smiles, the color of her eyes, her laughter, etc. Try something a little more elaborate than “your shirt is nice”.

Buy her a drink
You can go up to her and offer to buy her a drink (basic option), or you could be more creative and have the waiter bring it to her with a little note on the side with your phone number. This is very simple, yet totally charming. Then you would walk over to introduce yourself.

Go straight to the point
Introduce yourself, ask her for her name and ask her out! Remember she is probably as nervous as you are and totally caught off guard! She will applaud the confidence!