5 Rules For The First Date

There is nothing more stressful than a first date. You want to make sure everything goes smoothly and that you will hopefully get a second date. I have listed five rules to follow that will help you score major brownie points with the ladies. It is not about you acting like a robot and applying all of the above within the few hours you will have with someone special, it is about showing getting ideas on how to show the person you are interested and want to see him/her again.

Be a gentleman
If you are not used to this, a first date is a great moment to act like a gentleman. Open doors, pull chairs, do not spit, do not curse, don’t wear a hat at dinner and do not interrupt. Basically, show us your mom did a good job! We will definitely notice those small but important details and trust me when I say this makes a HUGE difference on the first impression score board. Also, you should always offer to pick her up. And yes, get out of the car and go meet her at the door. Again, it goes back to being a true gentleman who is in it to win it!

Do not have the “I” syndrome
Do not make this first date a monolog about the wonders of you.  There is nothing more boring than a man bragging about his success, his diplomas and his qualities. This isn’t a job interview. You know how women always say ‘’we love it when you listen’’? Apply this; ask questions about her, show some interest and please, LISTEN. Take some mental notes and if you really want to master that performance, wait a few dates and come back on one specific thing she mentioned, as simple as it sounds, you will blow her mind away!

Always pay on the first date
Yes, I know, this is a huge debate with women wanting to be independent and pretend not to need men for anything. However, in my experience, I’ve always appreciated when a guy offers to pay on the first date. It has nothing to do with the amount; it could even apply for a simple coffee.  It has a deeper meaning than just pulling out your wallet; it’s about wanting to take care of her, that you are able to provide financially and that you have some leadership in you. Yes, it sounds all cheesy, but we will love that kind of stuff!

Leave your cell phone on silent mode
Do not text or answer a phone call while you are on a date with her, even if you are in line waiting at the movie theatre. Dedicate your full attention to your lady.

Don’t invite her back to you place
Even if it’s just to show her your “art projects”, don’t insist on that one last drink back at your place at the end of the night. If you are in it for the long run, even if you felt that burning passion throughout the date (in your pants perhaps…) drive her home safely, maybe go for a first kiss at the doorstep and say goodnight!