Watch Your Posture Part 3

young man lying down on a sofaSometimes you wake up from what we call a good night of sleep. However, your body is more aching then before you went to bed. You feel like you have been in a wrestling fight against Undertaker! That proves you that even in a layed down position, you have to be aware of your posture. Some people sleep on their back, others on their sides or even on the stomach.

If you sleep on your back:
You have to make sure that your head is well aligned with the rest of the body. If your pillow is too low, your head will lean back, if it's too high your head will be elevated. You have to invest your time and your money to get yourself a good orthopedic pillow.  Go to an orthopedic store and ask for help. They will lead you the perfect pillow for you, depending on your weight and your height.  Laying on your back can cause you to develop a hollow at your lumbar. This is what we call a lordosis. Place two or three pillows under your knees and your lower back should rest on the bed. No more tension!

If you sleep on your sides:
Again, as if you were sleeping on your back, make sure that your head is not misaligned. I suggest you not to sleep directly on the shoulders but on your scapula (back of the shoulder). In this way, your chest remains open and you breath better. To avoid crunching hip, if necessary, extend the leg that is against the bed fully and bring the other leg forward in a bending position. Place a pillow under the flexed knee.

If you sleep on your stomach:
First of all, sleeping on your stomach is not recommended! It causes torticollis and back pains. But if you decide to use that method anyway, here is what I suggest to you. There is nothing that I know that will avoid the torticollis but for the back pains, place a pillow right under your stomach. It will realign your back and relieves tensions. Good night gentlemen!