Watch Your Posture Part 2

seated man on chairFor those of you who remain seated all day long and get back home with terrible neck, back and legs pain, read this article carefully. The following is once again an important discussion on posture. The human body is designed to work in a structured and balanced way. It only takes the slightest misalignment for you to feel pain and discomfort.

First thing first, there must be a full contact of the hamstrings and back with the chair. By keeping this complete contact of the thighs, both feet should rest completely on the ground. Having this position prevent to keeping all your weight on the buttock support. It also ensures that you keep your back straight. Add to this recipe contraction of abdominal and push your chest forward especially if your chair doesn’t have a back.

If your chair has armrest, you know they are to high when your shoulders reach your ears. You should not, have to bend your back to rest your arms. This will tell you that your armrest are too low. If your shoulders are not in a perfect straight line, you may feel muscle tension in the shoulder and neck.

When you are working with a computer, it’s important to look straight ahead. By keeping your head straight, your eyes must be at middle screen level. Measure an arm’s length between the screen and yourself.

Unfortunately, sometimes these simple tips are simply not enough. You may have to make some furniture changes, like a new chair or a new desk. And than, you will be able to apply all this for your comfort and posture.

Have a nice day at work!