How To Choose Your Shoes

Shoes are probably the most personal and hard item to buy. It is really important to understand why it’s that major to fit your feet well. Feet are the foundation of the body. Most of the ankle, knee, hips and back pains are the result of biomechanical problems or, in this case, abuse of the feet. Here are three simple rules for you to follow.

Rule #1: Know the size of your feet.

The human body is not made as symmetrical as you may think. Therefor, one of your foot can possibly be longer or shorter than the other one. You must ask the vendor to measure both of your feet with a *Brannock device (the instrument for that). He will tell you your real size on which you will rely for your purchase.


Rule #2: Try on either the right and the left shoe.

For the exact same reason as the rule #1, please wear the pair before buying anything. The comfort of your two feet is primordial. Trying on only one shoe won’t make you save anytime, it will make you waist money.

Rule #3: Use all the time you need in the store.

Discomforts can take time to appear. So don’t hurry to choose your shoes, you may have to waist your time and return them. Don’t be afraid to reproduce the movements that you will have to make while wearing those new shoes. (ex.: running, walking, jumping, sitting, etc.)

That is it for the simple rules. Now remember, if it hurts, don’t buy it!


Have a nice shopping 😉