10 Tips for Maintaining Your Custom Suits

Did you know that the popular belief that dry cleaning is healthy for your garments is just a myth? Caring for your custom suits is quite literally an art. One has to be extremely careful about how the garments are treated, how they are stored and how they are cleaned out. A bespoke suit is a luxury and must be cared for like one would care for their car; with love and a lot of attention.

10 Maintenance And Care Tips For Your Custom Suits

The maintenance of your custom suits is all about handling and storing them in the proper manner. There are several factors to consider and incorporate when taking care of your bespoke suit:

1.After every wear use a lint roller to remove any dirt, lint or hair it might have gathered.

2.Air your custom suits out before storing them away. This gets rid of any odor that might have gotten caught in the fabric.

3.If there are creases on your suit, hang the trousers and the jacket separately in the bathroom and take a hot shower. This will fill the bathroom with steam and get you nice and clean. Let the suit sit for thirty minutes than bring it out and wait for the creases to relax out.

4.Remove anything that might be there in the pockets so the fabric does not stress out and sag.

5.Do not store your custom suits in plastic or woolen bags as this allows the fabric to collect moisture and mildew.

6.Hang your custom suits on well padded heavy wooden hangers to maintain the shape of the shoulder pads.

7.Dry clean your bespoke suit only once; at the end of the season. Dry-cleaning too often does more harm than good to the fabric of your custom suits.

8.In case something spills on your custom suits, brush it off. Do not, under any circumstances, try to run it off. This will leave a permanent mark on fabrics such as linen and silk.

9.Any stains on the suit should be treated immediately and with a dependent and reliable stain remover.

10.Do not separate the jacket and the trouser of the suit. This will result in one wearing out faster than the other and you won’t be able to team them up as a suit.

The care of customs suits is a delicate affair and must be handled with care. When you need to dry clean your suit, go to a reputed cleaner. With proper care, your suit’s life will last much longer than you’d expect.


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