8 Essential Fashion Tips for Men

For starters, if not for a certain physical attraction, your clothes will be one of the first things people will notice. Your clothes reflect a certain part of you, they somehow define you, which is why it is important to be well dressed when you step out of the house at all times. Also, keep in mind that if you dress properly, it will give you a sense of confidence! – Look better. Feel better!

Follow these simple fashion rules and you will help improve your appearance, trust me!

Dress to impress – They say don’t dress to impress people, however, this is not always true. The clothes you wear and the appearance you give out help to give a good impression of yourself to others, whether it is at an interview, a job, on a date or a special occasion. As mentioned earlier, your clothing will define you to a certain extent and give people a certain idea about you, the one you are projecting at first glance.

Don’t go shopping alone – It is quite difficult to simply trust the opinions of sales representatives because they are not always fully honest with you; most of the time, they simply want to make commission off of your purchases. Therefore, it is preferable to go with a close friend of yours, one with an honest opinion and good judgment. It would also be a good idea to bring a friend of the opposite sex, simply because they will have a better understanding of the image you are trying to project.

Invest in a fabulous pair of shoes – It is no secret… Women love shoes! This might also sometimes (if not most of the time) be one of the first things they will notice on a man. A shoe must look both clean and sharp. Not all men put effort in the proper maintenance of a nice pair of shoes; however, this is a great way to show that you are a man of taste and that you take care of your belongings. Therefore, get yourself a nice pair of shoes and keep them in good condition, they just might come in handy!

Underwear should remain UNDER clothing – No woman likes to see a pair of underwear sticking out. This often projects a poor image of yourself, giving people the idea that you are both sloppy and careless. It is important to keep it classy to a certain extent. If your pants/jeans are loose, wear a belt!

Don’t waste too much money – You don’t need to spend all of your money on clothing, especially not when half of that money is based on brand names and logos. You can easily shop for clothing that simply suits your body type for less money; therefore, it is important to keep an eye out for different looks and styles.

Keep it simple and classy – Some men tend to overdo their look with flashy clothing, whether flashy represents color or a nice big logo taking up three-quarters of the shirt. This often comes across as unnatural and gives people the impression that you are trying too hard to impress your surrounding. This is why it is preferable to keep your appearance quite simple; try to stay within the same tone of colors and try not to mix too many colors together. However, if “Flashy” is your thing, you could try a black striped dress shirt along with a beige blazer, a dark pair of jeans, a dressy belt and classy shoes (with a nice shine to them). Not to forget, you could add to your outfit a shiny watch or a simple accessory, but nothing more.

Dress for the Occasion – Whether it is for holidays or casual occasions, you must make sure to choose the right outfit that would best fit the event. If you are in doubt about the outfit, simply remember that it is always better to be over dressed than under dressed.

Avoid slim / large fit – Some guys like to wear very large and baggy clothes, while others prefer a tight fit look. However, it is always best to have a middle ground between both extremities; it looks best when your clothes are ‘almost’ hugging the shape of your body. Not only would it be more comfortable for you to walk around in them, but it also looks much better!