Slick Interior Design In A Former Garbage Truck

From a garbage truck to a mobile home or a compact RV, the slick interior design of this former garbage truck provides a very inspirational idea for developing a compact home and creating many rooms in such a small cubical box, simply by making use of every space possible. The inner dimension of this cubical mobile home is 20 feet and 3 inches in Length, 7 feet and 9 inches in width, and 6 feet and 7 inches in height (L= 20’3″, W= 7’9″, H= 6’7″). Watch out for the details, the way storages are implemented and recessed into the walls to maintain the maximum storage and to sustain its spacious appearance at the same time. Also check out the details in the kitchen’s storage area such as the drawers where everything is outlined according to the kitchen cockers and utensils in order to avoid them from being broken or colliding into each other as well as to keep things mute and safe at the same time while the home is in mobile mode on any road condition. Some of the furnitures are multi-functional such as the table in the living room which is a coffee table that can be adjusted and converted into a dining table.

Former Garbage Truck

Entrance And Kitchen

Office Section And Electric Panel

Kitchen And Office Of The Truck

Kitchen Drawers With Utensils

Kitchen Storage And kitchen Utensils

Kitchen Storage

Storage Of Kitchen Crockery

Interior View Of The Truck

Top View Of The Living Room

Interior Of The Truck

Rear Of The Truck With Hydrolic Parking For Two Dirt Bikes

Mobile Home Or Compact RV