SAAB Aero X the concept car that stole many attentions with its unique and futuristic designs such as the technology that was implemented on the interior design and most importantly the top canopy which is inspired from their jet fighters that were produced during World War II. The top canopy is similar to the ones found on jet planes that give a panoramic view from inside the vehicle; it is controlled by a remote and a lever that is found inside on the center of the console. The same lever that is found in the car also tends to shift the driving mode from automatic to manual mode on the automatic transmission, which then makes the manual mode controlled by paddles from behind the steering wheel. Under the big hood rests a 2.8 liter V6 twin turbo charged engine which would result in make the car achieve approximately 400 horsepower, it is also predicted to reach 0 to 100 km/hr in 4.9s which is pretty decent and fast for a car that runs on ethanol and not to forget the body Aero X is made from carbon fiber. After looking at the interior of this car you would be curious how does the interior of this car looks. The SAAB Aero X interior will be absolutely stunning with its 3D effect visualization that looks engraved on glass which appears on the dash, console, and even the steering wheel whereas for the seats they are designed in a very ergonomic for almost similar to the ones found on the jet planes. This inspired jet machine is supported by electronically controlled suspensions and rolls on polished alloy wheels, 22-inches from the front and 23-inches from the rear.