Mercedes-Benz Biome Concept

Mercedes-Benz Biome’s futuristic model plays with the belief that an organic structure can actually be grown into an awesome minimalist bio-futuristic car. The Biome features a fierce plane like nose, wheels that resemble plane turbines and have a tron like glow. This vehicle has absolutely a slick interior design along with its simple colours of black for the windows to maximize panoramic view, and white for the rest of the exterior with a touch of silver-grey for producing elegancy on the details of the design. The interior structure of the Biome allows passengers to sit comfortably and ergonomically in the vehicle due to its layout which resembles seeds in a pod with their heads coming together to the center of the car. This vehicle with imaginary elements has rare possibilities to ever enter into the production, except the one the Mercedes has built itself which is the Biome. However, for those who are into imaginary elements and are dreaming of what the future of automotive design might have in store, the Mercedes-Benz Biome concept servers pretty well and will be out on the streets around 2015 or when the market production is ready for its release.