iMove Concept Car By Apple

How would you expect a car invented and designed by Apple to look like? Well an Italian based auto designer Liviu Tudoran has been inspired from the Apple Macintosh products and designed a concept car called iMove for the year 2020. This car will definitely be fully electric and will feature the same general design lines like all the latest Apple Macintosh products which is very trending and much expected at the same time. Most of the car’s body is covered with translucent materials so that the driver can enjoy a panoramic to the level which the driver will adapt the feeling of being in a convertible car. This translucent material is also a solar panel that charges the car’s gadgets or the car as whole while being parked or while driving under the sunlight. iMove will be able to fit three passengers seated and will also feature an innovative a luggage storage space which is somehow covered with an elastic, stretchy like material. The concept will also offer various possibilities for customizations in order for  the owners to be able to change their car’s appliances according to their own preferences. The iMove overall is a brilliant idea Slick futuristic design with many economical and smart features just like Apple got us used to and  has always impressed us with their Technology.