BMW GINA (Light Visionary Model)

BMW, Bavarian Motor Works but it I believe it also stands for Beautiful Motors Wow! BMW always come up with surprises in their technological innovations and this time its GINA. GINA is one of the master pieces that BMW came up with and it outstands them in many ways. GINA stands for Geometry and functions In N Adaptions. GINA’s unique shell is not like any other car that exists on the market and this is what gives GINA its main signature. The unique shell of this vehicle is flexible, resilient, stretchable and even durable.

Things that make this unique shell durable enough to be used as an exterior car shell are many and it starts with the material that its made from which is called Spandex and that is a type of stretchy and flexible polyurethane fabric. This Spandex is water resistant and weather proof, does not shrink nor swell under heat or water, neither on high nor low temperatures it bares and resists both of them. Another thing about the unique shell is that it is semi translucent which will allow light beams to go through it and become visible from behind the fabric and makes if functioning for the tail lights and side flashers.

The fabric is stretched over an aluminum wire frame and is adjustable by multiple electrical hydraulic mechanism that allows to shape the body of the car the way the driver desires to a certain point. It also automatically shapes itself to a sporty aerodynamic mode while the car is in speed mode also not to forget it automatically adjusts the headlights giving it the sense of a living creature once the headlights are turned on.

The major adjustable parts on this vehicle would be the doors to open in butterfly mode, rear spoiler on the trunk to give aero dynamic stability at high speed, headlights to open and allow the light to give direct source, headrests to give easy access to the car and once the car is ignited it adjusts to become ergonomically comfortable, the trunk to give access for storage, and the hood which slits from the middle to give some access to the engine.

It is predicted that the 8 cylinder combustion engine is what operates this vehicle with a possibility of achieving between 400 to 500 horsepower and even more. Like a typical roadster it is a rear wheel drive. This machine has 20 inch alloy wheels that are slapped on to it and they come in a cross spoke design with a matt silver finish.